My work always begins with a love for the magic of creation at its most basic state - the blank surface transformed into a living being or another world. This act has been with humanity since the first paintings on cave walls and the legacy ever since continues to be awe-inspiring. I always want my marks to be visible to keep this sense of wonder present.  I’m committed to making images that speak truth to power, that provide space to breathe, and reveal the heart of stories.
Boston∙Providence∙Rome∙Los Angeles∙New York City∙Auckland∙Hong Kong
Seattle: Roq La Rue Gallery
Denver, CO: Helikon Gallery
Allentown, PA: IlluXCon
Hong Kong: RE Gallery, Novalis Gallery
New York City: The Society of Illustrators, Skylight Gallery, Bottleneck Gallery, The Waterfront Museum, Hive 55, MDH Fine Arts, White Rabbit, West Side Gallery, Haven Gallery (upstate)
London, England: The Little Picture Company
Cologne, Germany: Kahlshof
Park City, Utah: J Go Gallery
Los Angeles: Society of Illustrators, Gallery 1988, The Hive Gallery, Temple of Visions Gallery
Rome: Piazza Cenci
Kittery, ME: Drift Gallery
San Francisco, CA: Intersection For the Arts
Missoula, MT: The Brink Gallery
Online: Colossal, Saatchi, Every Day Original, Artist a Day, The Boston Globe, Hi-Fructose Magazine, Illustration Age, The Untapped Source, Behance Network
Scholastic Books∙Simon & Schuster Publishing∙Lerner Books∙Tor Books∙Atheneum Books for Young Readers∙Charlesbridge Publishing∙Cricket Magazine∙Solaris Books∙ Fantasy Flight Games∙Saga Press∙Penguin Random House (Spain)∙The Atlantic Magazine∙Boxaroo Escape Rooms∙Biles Hendry Inc.∙Jones Knowles & Ritchie∙Square Enix Games∙Creative Action Network∙The Legal Artist∙The Thrilling Adventure Hour∙∙Small Beer Press∙Mexi Kai∙F(r)iction Magazine∙Intuary∙The Morning News∙Binary Acoustics∙The March of Dimes∙Virtual Theatre Project∙ The Weekly Dig∙The Stranger Newspaper∙Top Brass Distilleries∙Brookline Booksmith∙The Colony Theatre∙Firefly Theater & Films∙Indika Entertainment Advertising∙Nature & Health Magazine∙The Boston Phoenix∙Fearless Media∙Company One Theatre∙Canteen Magazine∙Compaq Computers∙Reader's Digest
BFA Rhode Island School of Design, Providence & European Honors Program, Rome
MFA School of Visual Arts, NYC
RISD Pre-College Illustration
The New York Art Studio
Noteworthy & Awards
The Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition, Infected By Art Annual, Spectrum Fantastic Art Annual, Board Member of The Rhode Island School of Design's New York City Alumni Society, Society of Illustrators West, LMCC Summer Arts Intensive 2010, Creative Quarterly, RSVP, School of Visual Arts, 3x3 Illustration Magazine, Adobe Design Achievement

"The myth is the public dream and the dream is the private myth."
-Joseph Campbell
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